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In the Spirit of Charity

As active practicing Catholics, Suzanne and Bill Pero are in tune to the needs of others and feel they are called to help however they can.

Because of this selfless and generous spirit, the Peros have had a tremendous impact on our Archdiocese; an impact that will last for generations because they give through endowments.

In 2013, the Peros created an endowment to provide financial aid to members of their parish, Holy Ghost in Whitman, who are going to college. A year later, they created another to support women religious and then in 2017, created yet another to provide scholarships to students at Saint John Paul II Catholic Academy in Dorchester.

In 2019, Suzanne and Bill joined the Inspiring Hope capital campaign, creating their fourth endowment to benefit Catholic Charities. “Every year there are more people in need and Catholic Charities is constantly doing something about it,” Bill says, adding “and when you give through an endowment, it’s a never-ending gift!”

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